Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hanging with the kids, everybody is pretty comfortable.

Monday, August 23, 2010


If the republicans are serious about slowing the D.C. carnage that is going on then during the next Senate filibuster the Republicans should take turns reading the entire Health Care Bill. It would slow things down a bit plus they would see, and show the Democrats what is actually in the bill. Come on Hatch be a patriot!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Senatorial Mourning

Once again one of the old regulars in the Senate has passed away causing an outpouring of grief and accolades for his years of service....Sorry but I don't see it that way, yes when a Kennedy or a Byrd dies at the helm there should be mourning but not for the loss of the individual (leave that to the family), what we should be mourning is that the citizens of the impacted state were on the take and had given up the founders hope that elected statesmen would have the interest of the nation in mind when they served rather than merely being on the take for constituents and voters. Taking money from other parts of the country and funneling into their state primarily to buy votes and keep themselves employed. We should also be mourning the fact that Congress has ceased being a government of citizens and has shifted to a government of professional politicians who have created a seniority system that awards longivity rather than honest performance.
There is plenty to be mourning when one of these "lifers" passes on, but it shouldn't be his leaving Congress, that should be celebrated - another professional politician has moved on and maybe there is a possibility that someone will be elected that will serve in the frame the founders wanted.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zoological, Archiology dig

Pulled off the rest of the old sheetrock from the ceiling of the garage. Amazing how dusty an enclosed space can be. Near the end I found the fabled Mouse Cemetery! There were over 10 full or nearly full mouse skeletons, they were pretty cool looking and must have been dead for years to have all their meat and skin gone. I wonder if they ate something or were trapped and starved? Another discovery, although there were scatterings of mouse droppings everywhere, there was a concentration of them in one area. Do mice set aside a potty place?
I need to knock out a bit more concrete in order to run new water lines for my sink, shower, and upstairs bathroom.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been trying to justify my planned vote for the coming election. First of all I believe that the best future for our country lies in a citizen government and that we have strayed from that ideal by allowing career polititions to set their roots in Washington and actually praising some who have spent their careers there as patriotic. My take on it is that they have been unproductive leeches on society for the duration of their careers.
So my basic mantra is to "throw the bums out". However this creates a bit of a dilemma this year as I wish to see the Republicans gains a few seats so they can block the movements of the socialist democrats. But I don't think we need to send the same republicans back! the argument for thier continued terms in Congress is that their experience will pay off. Well, personally I didn't see it. The combined service of our two senators is about 100 years and yet they were powerless to slow down the socialist shifts in policy, not only powerless but pretty silent. In fact Jason Chaffetz in his first term made a bigger splash and got his opinions published much more effectively than the two older guys...So much for experience. I'm going to support Lee in the Republican convention or primary over Bennett...I still recall Bennett promising he would only serve one term...what was that 18 years ago?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuff School

I work at an alternative school which also houses the teenage mothers and soon to be mothers, therefore we also have a nursery for the kids, which some of the staff use as well (for a fee). This week the asst. principal had to suspend a kid from the nursery for a couple of weeks. Apparently this 2 year old gangster had learned a new word, one that sounds a lot like truck, and was using it to the extent that some of the other kids were picking it up as well.
Now that's one tough school!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Monday

I'm not too far into Monday yet but It has lived up to the cultural designation thus far. I got up early and grouted the tile in the upstairs bathroom that I've been working on. That was OK but I was sweating buckets as I washed up the excess grout, and kneeling just hurts anymore. Then I started fixing breakfast (eggs & toast) only to find that we didn't have any bread out. I got some fromt he freezer and started defrosting it. Then noticed we didn't have any butter except in the freezer. Finally got all that put together and ate some semi-cold eggs.
Left for work, luckily didn't stop and get a drink. Stopped at the light by UVU. When the light changed we moved forward a bit then two cars ahead of me the guy stopped again. The guy behind me didn't see that and banged into me. When we finally got pulled over to the side I couldn't see any damage to my truck and his front end only had a bent licence plate other than a sore neck, maybe it wasn't all that bad after all?
Only justification was that whatever they guy was eating when he hit me was all over him when he got out of the car. Ha Ha